We offer a full array of services, many of which are described below. If you don't see what you need, send us a message. Chances are very good we're able to do it!

Strategic IT Consulting/ Virtual CIO

With decades of experience, our forward-thinking consulting team can help you make business critical decisions that allow you to compete and succeed in today’s marketplace. Leverage our knowledge to guide you on all aspects of your information technology operations so you can focus on what your business does best.

High Availability

Do you have the ability to recover from system failures with little to no downtime? With business critical applications such as email and other essential programs, high availability is a must have solution to prevent loss of revenue. We have the advanced expertise to configure your environment to avoid single points of failure and to automatically fail over to another system without any intervention on your part.

Staff Augmentation

Do you need dedicated IT resources but don’t have the knowledge or resources to manage them? That’s where we can help. If needed, we can provide full-time, trained, and qualified resources who can hit the ground running and seamlessly work right alongside your staff. Whether your need is short-term or long-term, our team can ramp up or down as needed.

Server Setup & Support

Whether physical or virtual, whether on-premises or in the cloud, whether Windows or Linux-based, servers are vital components of your IT infrastructure. Our services include assessment, selection, procurement, installation, configuration, maintenance, patching, securing, and monitoring of your servers, wherever they reside.

Managed Infrastructure Services

We partner with you to learn your infrastructure needs and then implement a fully managed solution, utilizing the latest technological innovations. We address all infrastructure components so you can focus on your business and rest assured that all is well with your infrastructure and systems.


If you’ve not already virtualized your environment, we can recommend the best approach, implement it, and maintain it for you. Virtualization allows you to create many “virtual” servers or PCs on a single hardware host. This is an effective way to reduce overall IT expenses while allowing increased flexibility and efficiency regardless of the size of your business. Virtual servers can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud.

Data Backup & Recovery

The ability to recover data, especially with advanced threats such as ransomware and viruses, is critical to keeping a business up and running. We can design multi-level backup, replication, and restoration procedures to ensure your data is always safe and recoverable.

Deskside & Remote Support

Whether you are a company that prefers the in-person, come to my desk type of support or the type that enjoys the convenience and cost savings of remote support, we can meet all your support needs. Our consultants are expert troubleshooters who have many years of experience assisting end-users. They resolve your issues quickly and responsively, getting you back to work in as little time as possible.

Cloud Migration & Support

If determined that a cloud solution is the best fit for your needs, we help accelerate your path to the cloud, focusing on technology that best suits your business. We take care of the planning and migration of your journey to the cloud, as well as management and maintenance once you get there.

Work from Anywhere Mobility

Have you made the shift to remote connectivity, enabling you to work from any location on any device? It is said that over 60% of people work from home or from a remote location, allowing for greater productivity and greater job satisfaction. Allow us to implement this for you or to make what you already have in place more secure and robust.


Each day, new forms of attack are designed by hackers and others with malicious intent. Securing your business could be a full-time job, requiring many resources. We can both educate you and your end-users about security and implement the latest elements of a multi-faceted cybersecurity posture.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters include significant events that put business operations at risk. This can be natural disasters, hardware failures, a cyberattack, etc. We can help you develop, implement, test, and maintain a disaster recovery plan to quickly restore your mission critical operations or to keep them running with no impact.


All this and more

The categories above are just a sampling of the services we offer and the areas in which we are happy to rise to the challenge. We take great satisfaction in consistently exceeding expectations. From the simple to the complex, from old standards to emerging technologies, we're ready and able to jump in to meet your needs.

We worry so you don't have to.

We've been told repeatedly that our dedication, reliability, and solid design, monitoring, and maintenance of a company's IT infrastructure are the reasons the IT Director, Vice Presidents, CIO, and President sleep well at night. We build the systems to stay up and running. On the rare occasions when there is a glitch, we're the ones who resolve problems in the middle of the night so you don't have to.


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